The UMS Flowell Y-Tool provides the facility by which the electrical submersible pump assembly is deployed with By-Pass Tubing to allow access to the well, in order that logging and/or intervention work may be carried out below without retrieval of the completion.

The Y-Tool provides a single connection to the production string above and has a By-Pass connection below, directly in line with the production string, to allow the passage of logging tools to the well below via the By-Pass Tubing.

A second connection at the base of the Y-Tool allows the electrical submersible pump assembly to be suspended. The Y-Tool has a groove on either side to allow the passage of the ESP power cable, MLE or other auxiliary service lines. These lines are secured in the Y-Tool groove with cable clips thus ensuring full protection during deployment.

The internal profile of the Y-Tool is designed to ensure a smooth flow path from ESP discharge to production tubing and that the fishing profiles of Blanking Plugs used to prevent recirculation of produced fluids remain free of debris and sand build up, whilst simultaneously protecting the fishing profiles of these plugs from damage by erosion.

Features & Benefits