Wireline Plug Type D

The UMS Flowell Wireline Logging Type “D” Superior Plug allows wireline strings to be suspended below the ESP via the By-Pass Tubing and work can be carried out under both static and dynamic conditions. Wireline Logging Plugs are available in various sizes to suit the Bypass Nipple seal bore diameters. Flow tubes in various sizes are supplied to suit the wireline cable or slickline dimensions.

The wireline plug is seated into the bypass nipple by using a wireline hammer attached to the wireline string at the desired location above the tool string (distance from y-tool to the bottom of the logging interval). The wireline hammer has grapple inserts to secure it to the appropriate size wireline cable.

The wireline logging plug has a spring loaded equalising feature that allows pressure across the plug to be equalised when in contact with the tool string, allowing easy retrieval of the plug. This also allows the tool string to be run again without pulling to surface to redress shear pins in the event that the tool string was prematurely or accidentally pulled back into the bypass tubing and unseats the plug.

Features & Benefits