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9-5/8″ Universal Bypass Clamp
Blanking Plug
Cable Guard for Blast Joint
Customised Centraliser Clamp
Encapsulated ESP (Pod System) Handling Equipment
ESP Logging Bypass (Y-tool) – Handling Tools
External Casing Drift
Flow Management Diverter Valve – Standard (FMDV-S)
Flow Management Diverter Valve – Hydraulic (FMDV-H)
Flowell Couple Joint (FCJ) Thread
Flowell Flush (F2J) Joint Thread
ESP Logging Bypass (Y-tool) Handling Tools
Isolation Tool (Straddle)
Open Sided Vise (Baker Vise)
Orientated Muleshoe

Piranha Lock (PL) Connector
Preparation of a Schlumberger Coil Tubing Logging Plug
Rotational Alignment Sub
Schlumberger PL Coil Tubing Logging Plug for Type A Top No-go Landing Nipples
Pod Hanger Stabbing Guide
Standing Valve
Tension Safety Joint
Tubing Adjustable Union (TAU)
Unique Grip Clamp for Flush Joint Casing
Universal BOP Can
Wireline Logging Plug
Wireline Logging Plug Tool Catcher
Y-Valve Standard (YV-S)
Y-Valve Standard (YV-S) with Logging Plug in place