Type "D" Top Nipple

The Type “D” Top Nipple is positioned above the Y-Tool to provide the operator with a seal bore profile within the pressure tested assembly.

Seating of a Plug or Standing Valve in the Top Nipple seal bore enables the operator to pressure test the production tubing to surface, without the requirement of a check valve above the pump discharge head, ensuring a fully tested system from ESP to wellhead. The Standing Valve can also be used to set a hydraulic ESP packer.

The Top Nipple is also utilised to accommodate an Isolation Tool. The Isolation Tool is located in the Bypass Nipple and Top Nipple, and is used to isolate the ESP, this allows bullheading of fluids directly through the Bypass Tubing and allows the upper ESP to be isolated in dual y-tool ESP applications when running the lower ESP.

Features & Benefits