Type D Blanking Plug

The UMS Flowell Type “D” Blanking Plugs are set in the teleswivel nipple to plug the bypass port of the y-tool when producing the well with the ESP. The blanking plugs are normally preset in the y-tool assembly at the factory and pressure tested.

The plugs are a compact design with locking dogs located above the seals to prevent damage to the nipple seal area. The plugs are run on slickline with a Camco style JD running tool. A fluid bypass feature in the plug prevents the plug from swabbing in the well fluid when running in hole.

The plugs have a top no-go profile and are set in the nipple by jarring down. Jarring down shears screws on an internal shaft and sets the locking dogs in the nipple profile. This movement allows the secondary set of shear pins to engage and locks the plug in place and closes the equalizing ports.

The external ‘V’ packing on the plug completes the seal with the nipple. The plugs are retrieved by jarring upwards on the fishing neck. Upward jarring shears the pins on the shaft, which allows upward movement of the internal shaft to disengage the locking dogs and opens the pressure equalising ports to facilitate retrieval.

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