Torque assembly (bucking services)


Weatherford ComCAM 15/80-H bucking unit


The UMS Flowell service department provides torque and pressure testing and refurbishment of downhole tools, and well completion equipment. The Weatherford ComCAM 15/80-H bucking unit gives us the capability to torque 1inch to 15inch pipe diameter range components up to 80,000ft-lbs.

Some key features of our torque and testing equipment include;

  • 1” minimum to 15” maximum pipe outside diameter
  • One set of jaws for 1 inch to 7 inch diameter range, second set of jaws for 3-1/2 inch to 15 inch diameter range
  • Torques up to 80,000ft-lbs
  • Up to 6.5 inch offset gripping with the tailstock (back up tong) for making up offset hangers , mandrels and y-tools
  • Precise torque measuring, controlling and recording using Weatherford’s TPC computer and TorkPro software
  • Customised mobile work benches with rollers to prepare and wrench tighten connections prior to loading into the bucking unit
  • 5 tonne and 3.2 tonne overhead crane for loading parts into the bucking unit
  • Pipe roller system for transporting assemblies out to the yard after make up, or for transporting assemblies from the yard into the bucking unit for break out
  • Adobe Acrobat pdf format torque turns graphs and pressure test charts for client certification packs

Bucking unit tailstock



Roller assembly and headstock



Torque Chart
Offset torqueing