Sliding Sleeve

The Sliding Sleeve is a communication device with a ported inner sleeve that can be opened or closed using a shifting tool by standard slickline methods. It has an External Shroud that protects the ESP cable from erosion by removing it from the flow path.

The equalizing holes in the inner sleeve provide pressure equalization between the tubing and casing annulus as the sleeve is opened. The Sliding Sleeve is made up to and forms part of the tubing string. The Sliding Sleeve can be configured for shift down to open or shift up to open.

The simplicity of the Sliding Sleeve design provides long operating life. A fully open bore allows maximum production through the sleeve. All Sliding Sleeves have a customer specified landing nipple profile in the upper body, which allows landing, locking, and sealing of blanking plugs, pack-offs, and separation tools.

A polished bore in the lower body receives either separation tool pack-offs or a pack-off assembly. The Sliding Sleeve is used to establish a means of communication between the tubing string and the casing annulus for single-tubing or multiple-tubing string completions. The Sliding Sleeve may be used for directing flow from the casing to the tubing in alternate or selective completions. Other applications include killing a well, spot acidizing and fracturing, or equalizing pressure between an isolated formation and the tubing string.

Features & Benefits