Rotational Alignment Sub

(RAS) (V-Packing Seal)

Rotational Alignment Sub

UMS Flowell Rotational Alignment Sub (RAS) is a quick and easy way to orientate your completion. The RAS is used to assist with the orientation of well completion assemblies within a well completion string. A typical example would be the orientation between upper and lower y-tools in dual ESP completions.

The RAS is lockable to left and right hand rotation in 6 degree increments. The RAS has 30 self-meshing clutch teeth that orientate the tubing hanger to the body. The orientation mechanism requires no power tongs to torque the mechanism into the locked position. The RAS uses a bidirectional V-stack seals for redundancy, to provide a leak proof connection between the production tubing and production casing.

The RAS can be supplied in different tubing sizes, materials, and different elastomeric or non-elastomeric seal materials to meet the customer’s requirements. Where height adjustment is also required, the UMS Flowell Tubing Adjustable Union (TAU) should be used.

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