William Boyd – Managing Director

William (Bill) has over 30 years’ experience in business. William’s expertise is casting and manufacturing technology, metallurgy, and business management. Bill has extensive experience in manufacturing for the power generation, medical implant, automotive, aerospace, defence, and oil and gas industries.

Paul Lamont – Engineering and Technical Sales Director

Paul has 28 years’ oil and gas engineering experience working for major oil service companies. His areas of expertise include subsea wellhead and mudline suspension systems, well testing equipment, ESP Completions, well completion equipment, and downhole oil tools.

Fiona McKay – General Manager / Chief Financial Officer

Fiona has over 30 years’ experience working in manufacturing and finance. Her areas of expertise include business management, project management, finance and procurement.

Alan McLaughlin – Company Metallurgist / Quality Manager

Alan has 40 years’ experience working in manufacturing, mainly in the steel industry (foundries). Areas of expertise include Quality assurance management & metallurgy. Alan is familiar with and well versed in dealing with the requirements of ISO 9001 & 14001.

Scott Quin – Machine Shop Manager / Production Manager

Scott has over 35 years’ experience working within the machining environment of a large international company specialising in the heavy power generation market coupled with a broad experience in sub-contract machining to support the Oil & Gas sector.

His expertise lies in manufacturing with focus on methodology and processes. After a long history of part programming and planning he has working experience of leading a team of manufacturing and production engineers.

Liam Convery – Global Head of Quality, H&S and Business Improvement

Liam has nearly 30 years’ experience of managing operations in a variety of industries, such as electronics, defence, aerospace and oil and gas. His other areas of expertise include quality systems, health & safety and environmental improvement, and business management systems.

John MacDonald – Customer Service Engineer

Before dedicating his time to UMS Flowell John specialised in Artificial Lift operations for 28 years at leading service company.
An experienced Surveillance Manager with a demonstratable history successfully working within the oil & energy industry.
Skilled in Petroleum & Product Optimization, ESP, ESPCP, Production Engineering and Customer Engagement.

Laura Reid – Quality Assistant

Laura has been with the company since 2012 where she began in goods inwards before progressing to her current role as quality assistant. Laura’s responsibilities are wide ranging dealing with everything from quality documentation to logistics.

James Robertson – Media Manager

James joined the company in 2020 and has been working in the oil and gas industry since 1999.

During this time he has specialised in 3d animation, 3d modeling, graphic design, and web design, creating sales and marketing materials for a wide range of oilfield products. 

Andrew Davidson – IT Support Assistant

Andrew has been with the company since 2018. His main area of expertise is the maintenance, updating and management of the Orderwise and Smartsheet systems. Andrew is also involved in 3d modeling, technical drawing, and 3d animation.

Jonny Ross – Workshop Technician

Jonny has 15 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Throughout this time, he has gained a wealth of experience in a broad range of technical disciplines such as torquing and pressure testing, inspection, testing / refurbishment of lifting equipment, and MPI testing of welds and castings.

Joining UMS Flowell in 2019 Jonny’s current duties as a workshop technician involve the assembly, maintenance, refurbishment, and despatch of the UMS Flowell product line.

Paul Dalgarno – Torque & Pressure Technician

Paul has been with UMS Flowell since 2015. Prior to joining us he worked for 12 years at a refrigerated vehicle manufacturer.

His current role as a Torque and Pressure Test Technician involves the assembly and testing of various products within the UMS Flowell product line.

Mike Wallace – Torque & Pressure Technician

Mike has 12 years experience in the oil and gas industry and joined UMS Flowell in 2015.

He has 8 years experience  in torquing and pressure testing and 4 years MPI & DYE PEN (inspection) on threads and hand tools.

His current role as a Torque and Pressure Test Technician involves the assembly and testing of various products within the UMS Flowell product line.

Ashley Donelli – Design Engineer

Ashley is a Design Engineer at UMS Flowell, joining the company in November 2020.

She has been a design engineer for 4 years and started her career as a CNC machinist & programmer. Ashley has a degree in mechanical engineering and is also a member of the Imeche at EngTech level.

As part of the engineering design team at UMS Flowell Ashley works on new design projects. Her responsibilities include design calculations, 3D modeling, and technical drawing.

David Perston – New Product Design Engineer and Sustaining Engineering Manager

David has over 37 years experience in diverse roles including Pump Design, Aerospace, Power Conversion, Oil and Gas and Submarine Design.

His areas of expertise include engineering development design, 3D modelling, design calculations, Finite Element Analysis and engineering problem solving.

Garreth Boyd - IT & PA to Managing Director

Garreth has 14 years’ experience working in IT and Manufacturing.

Areas of expertise include deploying and managing company IT systems, custom ERP reporting, procurement and inspection.

Richard McCann – New Technology Manager

Richard (Rich) has over 20 years’ experience and is an extremely accomplished Mechanical Engineer. He has broad range of expertise, specialising in downhole tools and submersible pumps for upstream oil and gas applications. Rich has an extensive sector knowledge of Manufacturing, Well Intervention, Artificial Lift, and Completions Engineering.