Flow Management Diverter Valve- Standard

(FMDV-S) ESP Protection & Life Extension

UK Patent No 2583156B

The Flow Management Diverter Valve (FMDV-S) can be utilised with any ESP application, including single ESPs, Y-Tools, encapsulated ESPs (pods) and dual ESP applications.

Its primary function is to act as a flow bypass device, with the added capabilities of preventing backflow through the ESP and reducing exposure of the ESP to well debris. The combination of these capabilities reduces wear and tear, increases reliability, and prolongs the life of the ESP unit.

When the FMDV is in bypass mode, the well flow (natural flow or flow from a secondary source) bypasses the non operating ESP, eliminating the ESPs exposure to large pressure drops while also preventing unnecessary wear.

When located above a running ESP, the FMDV protects the ESP from backflow. After the running ESP is stopped, the FMDV closes and backflow of the tubing contents is diverted to the annulus. This eliminates backspin on the ESP which can break the ESP shaft. In addition, a flapper within the FMDV prevents any solids suspended in the tubing from settling inside the pump.

Features & Benefits