Upper Zone Natural Flow / Lower Zone ESP (ESP Packer)

System 19: Dual Zone - Single ESP -Concentric Tubing Strings

  1. ESP Gauge
  2. ESP Motor
  3. MLE Protector
  4. MLE Cable
  5. ESP Seal Protector
  6. ESP Pump Intake
  7. ESP Pump
  8. Pressure Discharge Sub
  9. Discharge Head
  10. ESP Packer
  11. Cross Coupling Clamp
  12. Offset Union
  13. Stinger
  14. Flow Crossover
  15. Outer Tubing (ESP Production From Lower Zone)
  16. Inner Tubing (Upper Zone Natural Flow Production)

Multiple reservoirs can be produced independently in the same well bore.

In cases where the upper zone can flow naturally and the lower zone requires an ESP, a dual zone completion can be used with two concentric production tubing strings.

In this case an ESP packer is used to separate zones. Compared to the seal bore packer, this configuration has no means of zonal isolation during workover, and requires sufficient distance between zones for the ESP packer and ESP.