Y-Tool Inside A Pod
Y-Tool Inside A Pod

Y-Tool Inside A Pod

System 16: Casing Isolation With Reservoir Access

Pod Bottom Crossover Assembly
  1. Tailpipe Tubing Connection
  2. Seal Bore Packer
  3. Lower Pod Crossover Assembly
  4. Pod Casing
  5. Wireline Entry Guide (or X-over)
  6. Motor Base Plug
  7. Bypass Tubing Clamp
  8. ESP Gauge
  9. Flush Joint Bypass Tubing
  10. ESP Motor
  11. MLE Cable
  12. ESP Seal Protector
  13. ESP Pump Intake
  14. ESP Pump
  15. Discharge Pressure Sub
  16. Discharge Head
  17. Pump Sub
  18. Telescopic Swivel
  19. Bypass Nipple & Blanking Plug
  20. Y-Tool
  21. Top Nipple
  22. Handling Sub
  23. Pod Hanger Assembly
  24. Production Tubing Connection

The Y‐tool and Pod system can be combined as a single unit, to provide access to the reservoir through the Y‐Tool bypass tubing, and provide casing isolation from the produced well fluids by having the y‐tool bypass system inside the Pod.

The system eliminates the requirements for an ESP packer and removes the bypass tubing and ESP from being the weak point with high tailpipe loads below the ESP.

This is an advantage for ESP completions stabbing into a lower completion, or ESP drill stem tests (DSTs) where the DST tools are used, and protects the ESP when firing Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) guns.

Access through the bypass tubing allows for production
logging of the well.

Y-Tool Sub Assembly (Comingled Flow)