Dual Boost - Pumps Operating In Series

System 15: Casing Isolation

  1. Tailpipe Tubing Connection
  2. Seal Bore Packer
  3. Lower Pod Crossover Assembly
  4. Pod Casing Clamps
  5. Pod Casing
  6. ESP Gauge
  7. ESP Motor
  8. MLE Protector
  9. MLE Cable
  10. ESP Seal Protector
  11. ESP Pump Intake
  12. ESP Pump
  13. Discharge Pressure Sub
  14. Discharge Head
  15. FMDV
  16. Pod Hanger Assembly

By operating both ESPs simultaneously in series, the dual boost system provides a high horsepower system to create large drawdown, to provide the necessary boost for wells with depleted reservoir pressure.

Use of diverter valves provides flexibility to run one or both ESPs in the event of failure or using one ESP during well early life and both ESPs in well late life.