Dual Pod For Redundancy
Dual Pod For Redundancy

Dual Pod For Redundancy

System 14: Casing Isolation

Pod Bottom Crossover Assembly
  1. Tailpipe Tubing Connection
  2. Seal Bore Packer
  3. Lower Pod Crossover Assembly
  4. Pod Casing Clamps
  5. Pod Casing
  6. ESP Gauge
  7. ESP Motor
  8. MLE Protector
  9. MLE Cable
  10. ESP Seal Protector
  11. ESP Pump Intake
  12. ESP Pump
  13. Discharge Pressure Sub
  14. Discharge Head
  15. FMDV
  16. Pod Hanger Assembly

Normally the upper ESP is run until failure. Once failed, production can be resumed by starting the lower ESP.

This extends production time and to allows a workover to be planned to eliminate deferred production. The switchover between ESPs is achieved using diverter valves above the pump discharge on the primary and backup ESP.

Pod Hanger Assembly