Single Pod (Sealed Encapsulated ESP)
Single Pod (Sealed Encapsulated ESP)

Single Pod (Sealed Encapsulated ESP)

System 13: Casing Isolation

Pod Bottom Crossover Assembly
  1. Tailpipe Tubing Connection
  2. Seal Bore Packer
  3. Lower Pod Crossover Assembly
  4. Pod Casing Clamps
  5. Pod Casing
  6. ESP Gauge
  7. ESP Motor
  8. MLE Protector
  9. MLE Cable
  10. ESP Seal Protector
  11. ESP Pump Intake
  12. ESP Pump
  13. Discharge Pressure Sub
  14. Discharge Head
  15. FMDV
  16. Pod Hanger Assembly

Encapsulated ESPs (or pods) are commonly used in ESP well
completions as an alternative to using ESP packers.

The ESP is installed inside a sealed unit with a packer style cable connector at the Pod hanger. With an ESP pod completion, the tailpipe below the pod has a seal assembly that engages the seal bore packer.

This then isolates the production casing above the packer from the produced well fluids, protecting your casing from potential corrosion and erosion of the production casing at the pump intake.

Workover can be achieved with an isolation valve to prevent
damage to the formation with kill fluids.

Pod Hanger Assembly