Non Sealing Pod
Non Sealing Pod

Non Sealing Pod

System 12: Motor Cooling

non sealing pod bottom
  1. Lower Pod Crossover Assembly
  2. Pod Casing Clamps
  3. Pod Casing
  4. ESP Gauge
  5. ESP Motor
  6. MLE Cable
  7. MLE Protector
  8. ESP Seal Protector
  9. ESP Pump Intake
  10. ESP Pump
  11. Discharge Pressure Sub
  12. Discharge Head
  13. FMDV
  14. Pod Hanger Assembly

The non-sealing pod is a simple method of deploying single or dual ESPs in a well that doesn’t require any production casing isolation from the produced fluids.

They are typically run below an ESP packer and used in completions with long tailpipe going into an extended reach well. The ESP inside the pod is isolated from any tensile and compressive loads during the installation.

The pod increases the fluid velocity going past the ESP motor to provide cooling and protects the production casing from erosion and corrosion due to turbulence at the pump intake.

non sealing pod hanger