Y-Tool Bypass System With Shrouded Pump Intake
Y-Tool Bypass System With Shrouded Pump Intake

Y-Tool Bypass System With Shrouded Pump Intake

System 11: Motor Cooling

Pump Support For Y-Tool Applications
  1. Tailpipe Tubing Connection
  2. Handling Sub
  3. Spear
  4. Pump Support Block
  5. Bypass Tubing Clamp
  6. Perforated 5-1/2” Pup Joint
  7. Flush Joint Bypass Tubing
  8. Shroud 5-1/2” Casing Joints
  9. ESP Gauge
  10. ESP Motor
  11. MLE Cable
  12. ESP Seal Protector
  13. ESP Pump Intake
  14. Shroud Adaptor
  15. ESP Pump
  16. Discharge Pressure Sub
  17. Discharge Head
  18. Pump Sub
  19. Telescopic Swivel
  20. Bypass Nipple & Blanking Plug
  21. Y-Tool
  22. Top Nipple
  23. Handling Sub
  24. Production Tubing Connection

The UMS Flowell pump support shroud for Y-tool applications is an easy way to provide motor cooling for 375 to 456 motors in 9-5/8” casing applications, and still have access to your reservoir through the bypass tubing.

A 5-1/2” 15.5# casing shroud is supported by the pump support block and extends above the pump intake. The ESP pump is supported by the casing by a purpose designed shrouded intake or by fitting an adapter to the pump.

The bottom of the shroud has a 5-1/2” perforated pup joint to allow fluid into the shroud and transport the fluid to the pump intake past the motor. A 5-1/2” x 2-3/8” crossover with spear, secures the shroud to the pump support base. A bypass clamp secured to the crossover and the bypass tubing prevents any rotation of the shroud and pump support swivel.

Y-Tool Sub Assembly
Bypass Tubing Clamp

The Y-tool is standard UMS Flowell ESP bypass design with a load bearing telescopic swivel. The system is built on the bypass tubing side using the same method as dual y-tool applications or a single Y-tool assembly with heavy tailpipe.

The allowable weight of the system is constrained by the safety clamp load rating or the bypass tubing thread (whichever is the weaker).

The bypass tubing is spaced out to suit the ESP design. The shroud length is dependent on the ESP motor and seal protector lengths.

For gassy wells, the perforated pup joint can be replaced with a special ported adapter to prevent free gas entering the shroud.

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