ESP Above Perforations For A Gassy Well- Reverse Fluid Entry

System 10: Motor Cooling

  1. Blank Casing Cap
  2. Outer Shroud Casing
  3. Inner Shroud Casing
  4. Ported 3 Way Crossover
  5. ESP Gauge
  6. ESP Motor
  7. MLE Cable
  8. ESP Seal Protector
  9. ESP Pump Intake
  10. Shroud Adaptor
  11. MLE Protector
  12. ESP Pump
  13. Discharge Pressure Sub
  14. Discharge Head

The reverse fluid entry shroud allows free gas to pass the ESP
minimising the amount of gas entering the pump.

Perforations on the shroud casing allows fluid to enter the shroud. Fluid is forced downwards increasing the natural separation between the fluid and gas allowing the fluid to enter the bottom of the shroud and up into the pump intake.

This allows the ESP to be set above the perforations in a gassy well where drilling deeper to set the ESP is not viable and eliminates the need to have the MLE go past the well perforations.