Dual ESP With Dual Y-Tool
Dual ESP With Dual Y-Tool

System 08: Motor Cooling

Standard Shroud Base
  1. Shroud
  2. ESP Gauge
  3. ESP Motor
  4. MLE Cable
  5. ESP Seal Protector
  6. ESP Pump Intake
  7. Shroud Adaptor
  8. MLE Protector
  9. ESP Pump
  10. Discharge Pressure Sub
  11. Discharge Head

The shrouded intake reduces the flow area past the ESP motor. The increased fluid velocity past the ESP provides cooling to the motor.

This is useful for applications where without the shroud the fluid velocity would be less than the 1 foot per second recommended velocity. This is the simplest shroud arrangement which has limited load bearing capacity.

Shroud Neck Clamp