Dual ESP With Single Y-Tool & Pump Support -High Flow (Parallel Pumping)

System 06: Y-Tool Completions

  1. ESP Gauge
  2. ESP Motor
  3. MLE Protector
  4. MLE Cable
  5. ESP Seal Protector
  6. ESP Pump Intake
  7. ESP Pump
  8. Discharge Pressure Sub
  9. Discharge Head
  10. Check Valve
  11. Handling Sub
  12. Spear
  13. Pump Support Block
  14. Flush Joint Bypass Tubing
  15. Bypass Tubing Clamp
  16. Pump Sub
  17. Telescopic Swivel
  18. Bypass Nipple
  19. Y-Tool
  20. Top Nipple
  21. Handling Sub
  22. Production Tubing Connection

The parallel pumping system allows both ESPs to run simultaneously, to combine the flow for high flow systems where a matching flow rate single ESP will not fit inside the well casing size.

The upper and lower ESP discharge pressures are matched using variable speed drives (VSDs) to prevent reverse flow. Each ESP is fitted with a check valve to prevent reverse flow and to allow production should one of the ESPs fail. This system is typically used in high flow geothermal wells.



Typical Applications