Dual ESP With Single Y-Tool & Pump Support - Redundancy

System 05: Y-Tool Completions

  1. ESP Gauge
  2. ESP Motor
  3. MLE Protector
  4. MLE Cable
  5. ESP Seal Protector
  6. ESP Pump Intake
  7. ESP Pump
  8. Discharge Pressure Sub
  9. Discharge Head
  10. Handling Sub
  11. Spear
  12. Pump Support Block
  13. Flush Joint Bypass Tubing
  14. Bypass Tubing Clamp
  15. Pump Sub
  16. Telescopic Swivel
  17. Bypass Nipple & Blanking Plug
  18. Y-Tool
  19. Top Nipple
  20. Handling Sub
  21. Production Tubing Connection

Normally the upper ESP is run until failure. Once failed, production can be resumed by starting the lower ESP. This extends production time and allows a workover to be planned to eliminate deferred production.

Switch over between ESPs can be done in a variety of ways. Automatic switch-over is achieved by either having ESP check valves above each pump, or incorporating a Y-valve.

Slickline switch-over is achieved by having a blanking plug in the Y-tool for producing the upper ESP, and replacing the blanking plug with an isolation sleeve for producing with the lower ESP.