ESP Bypass Systems (Y-Tools)

Logging Bypass System enables access below an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) and allows for well logging operations and traditional well intervention without pulling the completion.

System includes;

  • Y-Tool sub assembly – Production Tubing Handling Sub, optional Top Nipple, Y-Tool body, Bypass Nipple, Telescopic Swivel with pin connection for the Bypass Tubing, Bypass crossover, Pump Sub Tubing Pup Joint for make up to the pump discharge head and Blanking Plug
  • Flush Joint Bypass Tubing
  • Wireline Entry Guide
  • Motor Base Plug for clamping the ESP motor or ESP gauge base to the bypass tubing
  • Handling equipment comprised of a Work Table, Safety Clamp and Swivel Lift Nubbin for handling the bypass tubing
  • Standing Valve for testing the production tubing or setting a hydraulic packer
  • Isolation Tool to straddle the Y-Tool and isolate the ESP
  • Wireline Logging Plug and Wireline Logging Plug Hammer with inserts for wireline or slickline cable
  • Self-seating wireline logging plug (wireline tractor deployed)
  • Wireline Plug Tool Catcher
  • Coil Tubing Plug
  • Optional Pump Support for applications with heavy tail pipe, a seal assembly below the bypass system and dual ESP applications
  • Isolation Tool

EDS-056 REV AA – ESP Bypass Systems (Y-tools)