Equipment Datasheets

ESP Completions

Encapsulated Pod Systems
ESP Bypass Systems (Y-tools)
Pump Support for Y-tool applications (EDS-054)
Pump Support shroud for Y-tool applications (EDS-032)
ESP Motor Cooling – Shrouded discharge (EDS-037)
ESP Motor Cooling – Shrouded intake (EDS-041)
Dual ESPs for redundancy (EDS-033)
BOP Can systems – conventional (EDS-004)
BOP Can systems – rental (EDS-005)
Dual zone completions (EDS-034)
Dump flood completions (EDS-035)
Casing Isolation with reservoir access (EDS-036)

Well Completion Support Tools

Tubing Adjustable Unions (EDS-002)
Rotational Alignment Subs (EDS-001)
Expansion Joints
Blast Joints and Flow Couplings (EDS-003)
External Casing Drifts (EDS-038)
Cable Protector Clamps
Flow Management Diverter Valves
Handling Equipment
Tubing Mounted Junk Basket (EDS-031)