Dual ESPs for redundancy

Dual ESPs are a common term for an electrical submersible pump (ESP) completion that has two ESPs in a single well.  One ESP is run as a primary system until failure, and the other as a backup which is run after the primary ESP fails to extend production time and to allow a workover to be planned to eliminate deferred production.

Typically, dual ESPs are used in high value wells to increase run life and where workover costs are high.

The attached drawings show different combinations of dual ESP arrangements using UMS FLowell Y-tools and Pod systems.  These are split into;

•            Reservoir access systems with intervention and interventionless methods to switch between primary and backup ESP

•            Production casing isolation systems to protect the well casing from produced fluids and protect the production zone from kill fluid

•            Dual systems without casing isolation or reservoir access

The system preference is down to the end user operating philosophy and objectives.  Some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed in our datasheet.


EDS-033 REV AA – Dual ESPs for redundancy