Company Overview

Located in Scotland, UMS Flowell provide competitively priced, high quality products and services to oilfield customers all over the world.

Our main area of expertise is downhole completion equipment for ESP (Electrical Submersible Pumps) and natural flow oil wells.

About Us

UMS Flowell can manufacture and supply a major ESP provider’s completion equipment product line under a contractual agreement, and provide the engineering design services to support them for bespoke projects. In addition to this we have our own established product line for other customers.

We have two locations in Scotland. Our facility in East Kilbride (Central Scotland) provides the accounting, procurement, project and quality management, and assembly and testing of small component parts close to our main supply base. Our facility in Turriff (Aberdeenshire) provides the sales, engineering, assembly and testing services close to our UK customers.

Our mission is to build the best products, to the highest quality with minimal waste in order to provide our customers with competitively priced products on time, that are reliable, fit for purpose, and easy to use.

About UMS Flowell


Our mission is to build the best products, to the highest quality and with minimal waste.

This shall provide our customers with competitively priced products on time, that are reliable, fit for purpose, and easy to use.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of ESP accessories and completion accessories in the world within five years.


Experts In Our Field

We combine our engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide customers with complete project solutions.

Some typical projects include;

Experts In Our Field UMS Flowell
Products ESP Completion Systems

Products - ESP Completion Systems

Products - Completion & ESP Accessories

Completion And ESP Accessories
Services Torque Assembly Bucking

Services - Torque Assembly

Services - Repair And Refurbishment

Services Repair And Refurbishment
Services Pressure testing

Services - Pressure Testing

Services - Rental Equipment

Services Rental Equipment
Manufacturing Machining

Manufacturing - Machining

With our own precision engineering facility we have inhouse capability to finish machine both our cast and bar product range, with the added ability to design and manufacture the mould tools for our cast products. Our team of highly skilled engineers utilise the latest in CAD/CAM software.

This allows our skilled machine operators to manufacture our components to meet the high precision and standards demanded by our high-quality products. Our range of inhouse facilities include the following;

Manufacturing - Investment Casting

We have the ability to investment cast (lost wax casting) up to 100kg poured weight. Our vast experience in investment casting gained in the medical implant industry has allowed us to develop methods that provide superior quality and near forging strength to the oil industry for our cast products.

A typical example is the UMS Flowell 9-5/8 inch Y-tool which was qualified to 10,000psi internal pressure. The NACE compliant base metal with a maximum hardness of 22RC achieved 94ksi yield strength in longitudinal and transverse directions.

Manufacturing Investment Casting
Manufacturing Pipe Threading

Manufacturing - Pipe Threading

Our pipe threading facility has the capability of threading up to Range 2 (25-34ft) API tubing from 1.9″ to 3-1/2″ diameter. Threading capabilities include API tubing threads, and our own F2J and FCJ premium threads.

Where required, we have a swaging unit for crimping flush joint tubing prior to threading. Threads are finished in a phosphate or Molybdenum disulfide coating depending on material grade.


UMS Flowell provide full mechanical and hydraulic engineering service to support product design and feasibility. This includes;

This provides customers with the following benefits;

Services Engineering
UMS Flowell Quality


UMS Flowell are accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems. We continually strive to improve quality of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction at every opportunity.

To support this we include the following as part of our service;

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees, suppliers and customers is extremely important to us. Health and safety is part of our highly trained and experienced workforce everyday culture.

Continuous improvement of our health and safety is combined in our quality management system.

UMS Flowell Health And Safety
UMS Flowell Environment


UMS Flowell are accredited to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems.

Waste management not only helps us to do our bit to protect the planet, but also helps save money to provide better pricing for our customers.

We achieve this by engineering our design and manufacturing methods to minimise waste production and optimise efficiency.

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