Coil Tubing Plug Type "A" Superior

The UMS Flowell Coiled Tubing Logging Plug Type “A” can be deployed in all standard UMS Flowell Bypass Systems and is used as a means of sealing between the Bypass Nipple and the coil tubing outside diameter. The plug comes in various combinations of coiled tubing and Bypass Nipple sizes- see table below.

The coil tubing plug is primarily used on production logging runs, and can also be used for clean out operations, and as a means of running downhole samplers below the ESPs on horizontal reservoir sections.

The coil tubing plug is attached to the coil by a connector. The connector is made up to a sleeve that passes through the coil tubing plug and makes up to a crossover below, which is made up to the tool string.

The coil tubing plug is released from the internal sleeve when seated in the Bypass Nipple, allowing the coil to pass through the logging plug and through the bypass tubing into the reservoir below the ESP. The positive locking mechanism prevents the logging plug lock from unseating too early.

When the coil operations are complete, the internal sleeve above the tool string enters the coil tubing plug, allowing the plug to be unseated without any shearing or excessive over pull.

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