BOP Can Systems

A Drill Stem Test (DST) is a procedure to determine the productive capacity of a hydrocarbon reservoir. DSTs are typically performed on exploration wells and are often the key to determining whether a well has found a commercial hydrocarbon reservoir. Pressure of the reservoir is often at its highest point during a DST, and the reservoir fluids may contain hydrogen sulphide, so these tests can carry considerable risk for rig personnel. Well control is of utmost importance. Carrying out a DST with an Electrical Submersible Pump requires a BOP can. The BOP can provides a means of sealing the ESP power cable with a penetrator to create a pressure barrier, and also provides a cylindrical housing to close and seal the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) pipe rams around to complete the pressure barrier with the well annulus.
UMS Flowell’s BOP Can is available in various sizes to suit the BOP pipe rams. Where the DST string is required to be landed out in the wellhead, an adjustable hanger is available to hang off and space out the BOP Can, and the landing string as required.

We provide conventional BOP Can systems, as well as a rental BOP Can system.

The UMS Flowell rental BOP Can system is a completely universal equipment package that can be used for ESP well tests on land, offshore fixed leg drilling rigs, or subsea wells.

The equipment package comprises of the following main components;

•            BOP Can

•            BOP Can adjustable mandrel

•            Adjustable fluted hanger

•            Spacer joints (2ft, 3ft, 5ft)

•            Crossovers

•            Tools and dummy penetrator

Configurations for the above components can be found on the attached pages.

Each component has UMS Flowell’s patent pending and trademarked 3.750-6 SA Piranha Lock (PL) connector which allows the system to be made up easily in any configuration required without the need for power tongs.  The unique design of the PL connector is such that the connection is secured against thread back off for challenging environments.  The design of the system allows for the space out to be adjusted to suit any BOP stack configuration using an adjustable hanger, adjustable BOP Can mandrel and spacer joints. A full system is supplied with thread and seal protectors in a custom-built shipping box.

EDS-004 REV AA – BOP CANS – Conventional

EDS-005 REV AA – BOP CANS – Rental